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Delhi’s AQI closes to 350

Delhi’s AQI closes to 350

The air quality in the national capital has been deteriorating. The AQI of Delhi was 329 today morning. The air quality in the city falls into the very poor category.

As per SAFAR, the air quality forecast agency of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Delhi’s AQI was 329 at 8 am today.

Apart from Delhi, its neighbouring cities, like Noida and Gurugram, also have poor air quality with an AQI of 341 and 324.

The air quality is considered safe if an AQI is below 50. An AQI between 51 and 100 are considered satisfactory.

But, an AQI value of above 300 is considered hazardous. As Delhi and its neighboring cities have AQI above 300, the air quality is hazardous to people. Delhi was covered in thick smog filled with dust today morning.

According to IQAir, Delhi was ranked as the second most polluted city in the world with poor air quality. Lahore in Pakistan was ranked the world’s most polluted city. It has an AQI of 441.

The air quality in Delhi started deteriorating from Diwali. In the beginning, the air quality remains in the poor category, then to very poor, and to severe or hazardous.

Though its AQI falls each year after Diwali, this year it was not crossed 315 after Diwali. It was the second best during Diwali in the last seven years.

Earlier, in 2018, Delhi recorded an AQI of 281 on Diwali, which was the best AQI for the city during Diwali.

There are many reasons for the poor air quality in Delhi. The main reason is the stubble burning in neighbouring states. In addition, emissions from industries and vehicles, and construction works are some other reasons.

The Delhi government banned the production and sale of firecrackers in September. The ban will continue till New Year’s Day.

It also deployed many teams to enforce the complete ban on firecrackers.  It also has been taking several steps to control pollution in the city.

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