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Delhi Metro to increase services to combat pollution

Delhi Metro to increase services to combat pollution

In response to the escalating pollution crisis in Delhi, the Delhi Metro will introduce an additional 40 train trips on weekdays, commencing this Wednesday.

This initiative aims to bolster the use of public transportation in the Delhi-National Capital Region. It is part of the measures outlined in GRAP-II (Graded Response Action Plan – Stage 2), implemented by the Delhi government.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) unveiled this decision via social media.

Typically, Delhi Metro trains undertake over 4300 trips every day, but these supplementary trips signify a proactive response to the worsening air quality situation.

This move comes after the sub-committee of the Commission for Air Quality Management invoked the 11-action plan specified in GRAP’s Stage 2.

GRAP is a comprehensive framework designed to combat air pollution in the NCR, which includes Delhi and its adjoining regions.

Gopal Rai, Delhi’s environment minister, emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing pollution ahead of the Diwali festival.

He stated that the government is meticulously preparing a winter action plan and will not hesitate to take stringent action against those violating environmental norms.

Despite the ban on firecrackers in Delhi, Rai stressed the importance of public cooperation in curbing pollution, urging citizens not to engage in activities that contribute to increased air toxicity.

The India Meteorological Department anticipated some improvement in air quality following the implementation of GRAP.

However, he cautioned that air quality is likely to remain in the very poor category until October 26.

The decision to increase metro services is a commendable step in promoting eco-friendly and efficient public transport as a means to combat air pollution in the national capital.

As Delhi’s government intensifies efforts to address pollution, it is incumbent on both authorities and citizens to work together to achieve the shared goal of a cleaner, healthier environment.

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