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Delhi air pollution still horrible

Delhi air pollution still horrible

The quality of air in the nation’s capital is still horrible. The residents of Delhi are seeing a thick layer of smog. The AQI (Air Quality Index) of Delhi is still at a “very poor” category for the fourth consecutive day.

The data from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) gave an AQI of 310 for Delhi on Tuesday morning.

Even in Noida, the AQI was at 350. Both of these are considered to be very poor quality.

The AQI should be between 0 and 50 to be considered good, while 51 to 100 is considered to be satisfactory. The level between 101 and 200 is considered moderate. 201 and 300 are considered poor and 301 to 400 is considered as very poor. If the AQI is between 401 and 500, then it is considered severe.

While the pollution levels of Delhi are not at a severe level, the very poor levels are still extremely harmful to the citizens.

All the five satellite cities of Delhi have four air quality monitoring stations in them, however, greater Noida has two. For each city, the AQI is calculated by averaging the value of all stations there.

According to the CPCB, having a higher wind speed and better ventilation index will help in the dispersion of pollutants faster.

It was found that the stubble burning in Delhi contributed to 16 per cent of the pollution on Monday.

Due to such high pollution levels, the citizens can end up having a variety of troubles. Respiratory illnesses are one of the most common effects of having such long term exposure to high levels of pollution.

The government should work on cutting down the number of farm fires in nearby areas to cut down pollution as well.

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