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Verve Bioenergy Solutions solves Stubble problems

Verve Bioenergy Solutions solves Stubble problems

As stubble management is a big problem in Punjab, Haryana and their neighbouring states, some people are exploring ways to use it effectively.

Many reports state that a majority of farmers burn stubble. Science the Wire says that around 11 million tonnes stubble was burnt by farmers in Punjab and Haryana last year. It leads to air pollution not just in these two states, but their surrounding areas as well.

Several people suffer from health issues due to this stubble burning. Suvrat Khanna from Amritsar is one among them. He experienced the problem first hand.

He researched the solutions to address the issue. To solve the problem, he founded Verve Bioenergy Solutions in 2018. Later, Rajiv Khatri joined him.

While a majority of farmers see stubble burning as an instant solution to dispose of farm waste, some others do not know the effective ways of stubble management.

In this situation, Verve Bioenergy Solutions came to help farmers manage stubble burning and fill the gap between farmers and energy producers who use stubble as raw material.

Verve was registered in Mumbai. However, it does not operate in Mumbai. It mainly focuses on solving the issue of stubble management in both Punjab and Haryana states.

Suvrat says that most of the farmers see stubble as a waste. Hence, they want to get rid of it. But, if a proper business model is created, then farmers will use it effectively. It can help them grow and manage stubble effectively.

Hence, Suvrat and Rajiv researched a lot and came to know that paddy straw can be used to generate energy. They contacted the neighbouring sugar mills whether they could use paddy straw for generating electricity.

They agreed. Verve began functioning with one customer and an initial investment of $1 million. Now it has 20 permanent employees. It recruits several contract employees as well during the harvesting season.

The startup generated a turnover of ₹8.95 crores in the financial year 2020. It aims to generate up to ₹25 crores by the end of the financial year 2021.

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