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Farmer earns 95 lakhs from stubble management

Farmer earns 95 lakhs from stubble management

While many farmers burn stubble in their farms, this farmer from Kaithal manages stubble effectively and has earned lakhs of rupees with it.

Despite the appeals from many NGOs and the government, a majority of farmers from Delhi NCR, Punjab, and Haryana burn stubble each year. It leads to environmental pollution.

But unlike his counterparts, Virender Yadav, a 32-year-old farmer from Haryana followed the recommendations of the government on stubble management.

Virender Yadav used to live in Australia. He owned a wholesale vegetable enterprise there. However, he returned to India in 2018 to take care of his ailing mother.

Stubble burning leads to air pollution and causes many health ailments, especially breathing issues. Virender’s mother and his two daughters suffered from breathing problems due to smoke caused by stubble burning in the neighbouring fields. They could not breathe properly.

Then, Virender wanted to do something to solve the problem. He contacted the agricultural department officers.

As per their suggestion, Virender decided to manage stubble scientifically. He had one acre of land and procured six balers for stubble management. The agricultural department provided a subsidy for this.

Virender procured orders of 70,000 quintals of stubble bales from agro-industries and paper manufacturers. He employed a temporary workforce for the job to be done in a cluster of villages allotted to him by the agriculture department. He collected stubble from all those villages using the machinery.

While he was earning ₹35 lakhs per annum in Australia, he has done a business worth ₹95 lakhs in just two months. He paid ₹45 lakhs to farmers and labourers involved in this work. He saved the remaining money of ₹50 lakhs.

His work was appreciated by the agriculture department saying that he set an example to other farmers for effective stubble management.

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