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Panel to take decision on playing National Anthem

Panel to take decision on playing National Anthem

Many moviegoers are aware of playing of National Anthem in cinema halls due to Court order. They stand up and show their respect towards it.

But, the Apex Court on Tuesday modified its interim order on playing National Anthem in all cinema halls before screening the movie.

The Supreme Court made it mandatory in November 2016 to play National Anthem in all movie theatres before every show.

However, the order was modified by the Court on Tuesday, and the choice is left to the individual cinema hall whether to play the National Anthem or not.  As per the new modification, playing of National Anthem in the movie theatres is left to the discretion of the hall owners.

But, all patrons should stand up if the National Anthem is played in the hall to show respect, with exception to disabled people.

A 12- member committee had been appointed by the Union Home Ministry to take the final decision on playing National Anthem in cinema halls and other public places.

The panel consists of officers of key ministries. The Committee will hold a meeting on January 19. The report of the Committee will be submitted within six months.

The Committee was set up after the statement of the Supreme Court on the patriotism of people saying that people cannot be forced to carry patriotism on their selves.

The Court also said that it does not mean that a person is less patriotic if he or she did not stand up while the National Anthem was being sung.

In order to make proper suggestions and recommendations on this issue, the panel was set up by the government.

And the Committee will make recommendations on regulations to sing or play the National Anthem.

It will also suggest the necessary modifications in the Act related to the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971.

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