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Vande Mataram mandatory in TN schools : Madras HC

Vande Mataram mandatory in TN schools : HC

Vande Mataram is our National Song. Many educational institutions sing it. However, many others are not interested to sing it.

In order to make all the students sing the National Song in their schools or colleges, Indian government wanted to make the signing of Vande Mataram compulsory. It sought the Apex Court’s declaration on this issue. But the Court which did not want to interfere on the issue asked the government’s reply for making the National Song compulsory in all educational institutions.

Indian government wants to make it mandatory to sing Vande Mataram in all educational institutions. But, the Apex Court issued a notice to the Central Government on making it mandatory to sing the National Song in all educational institutions in the month of April this year. The Court had refused to enter into a debate on the issue of National Song stating that it has no intention for such debate.

The Supreme Court gave the Central Government time to reply to this notice and the next hearing will be on 23 August.

In the meanwhile, the Madras High Court yesterday stated that singing Vande Mataram is mandatory in all educational institutions and offices. The HC said that educational institutions such as schools, colleges, Universities should at least sing the National Song once a week. All offices including government offices and institutions, private companies, factories and industries should sing Vande Mataram at least once a month, says the Madras HC.

The Director of Public Information was asked to upload translated version of Vande Mataram in both Tamil and English languages on government websites and social media by the HC.

The Court added that even though it is mandatory to sing the National Song, one cannot be compelled to sing it if anyone has difficulty in singing for a valid reason.

Singing Vande Mataram is mandatory in other some states also. In Uttar Pradesh singing Vande Mataram is mandatory in Municipal Corporations.

The Bareilly, Allahabad and Meerut municipal corporations also made it compulsory for their officials to sing Vande Mataram.

The Supreme Court had made it mandatory for people to stand up for the National Anthem in theatres last year.

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