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Pakistan preparing for war with India?

Pakistan preparing for war with India?

It seems the military of Pakistan is gearing up for something big. F-16 jets of Pakistani Air Force were seen flying over Islamabad on Thursday night at around 10:20 pm. This comes at a time when the diplomatic relationship between India and Pakistan are almost at an end after the attacks in Uri.

People living near the area were scared by the thunderous sound of the four F-16 jets that were seen flying over Islamabad for about five minutes. Pakistan’s senior journalist Hamid Mir disclosed the information regarding the jets flying over Pakistan’s capital.

According to Pakistan’s defense officials, it was a war drill. This is an interesting response as India is currently mourning the 18 martyred soldiers. This makes one wonder if the Pakistan government is preparing for a war with India.

Mir was quoted saying that the word war is not nice to hear at all. He said he is not afraid of war, but hearing the word at such a time is not a good thing at all. He added that matters can be solved by holding talks in the right way.

After the flying in Islamabad, the jets flew towards Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. There are rumors that India is about to carry out surgical strikes in this area. The people living in Islamabad came out on to the streets after the drill. The Pakistan-Islamabad highway was also closed after the drill. While it is still uncertain what happened on the drill, the people of both India and Pakistan are living under constant threat.

The Pakistani Air Force displaying their forces in a high mark drill after what happened seems like a rather shady move to many experts. Mir says that it is a message from the Pakistani government to its citizens to prepare for a war. He added that war is never a good option for both countries. He said that both the countries should go for diplomatic solutions.

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