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Indian hackers attack Pakistani websites on 26/11

Indian hackers attack Pakistani websites on 26/11

A group of Indian hackers attacked and defaced Pakistani websites on 26/11 anniversary. They did that to pay tribute to victims of this attack.

The terror attack which occurred on 26/11 in 2008 took the lives of 166 people. On the seventh anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai attacks, some Indian hacking groups have attacked key Pakistani websites.

After successful hacking, the groups celebrated it by posting Tricolour and the pictures of the 26/11 martyrs. A patriotic song was also composed as background music on these websites.

According to an underground hacker, more than 200 Pakistani websites were hacked by them yesterday. The hackers did not seek any monetary benefits on doing this, but conveyed a message to the culprits that India won’t sit back. The terrorists took the lives of innocent people and now it is a suitable time to send the message.

However, Pakistani government did not report on the hacking of their websites by Indian hackers so far. Incidentally, a moment ago, Mallu cyber soldiers appealed that they had hacked several Pakistani websites and servers in order to take revenge against Pakistani attacks on Kerala and Assam government websites.

The Indian hackers stated that they do not have any intention to damage the lives of any Pakistani but at least they should know the impact of taking the lives of innocent Indians. They also added that if any vengeance has been taken from Pakistani hackers, then there will be more severe and violent attacks from India.

Many key websites were hacked, says Cybercrime experts. But the details are not yet clearly known. If the hacking groups share the mirror image of the defaced websites, only then all other details will be revealed.

According to Kislay Chaudhary, the CEO of Indian Cyber Army, the number of attacks have increased in this week due to 26/11, and it is not uncommon for the groups from both countries to take vengeance attacks on the days that have historic importance.

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