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Now you can get passport in just 3 days

Now you can get passport in just 3 days

Are you vexed with the cumbersome process while applying for a new passport? Have you ever thought of how good it be if there is a simple process? Now, your thoughts have become a reality.

Good news to all people who want to apply for their passport. From now onwards it will be very simple and easy to get a new passport. When the new procedure comes into force, you can get your passport in just three days.

According to a senior official of the Regional Passport Office, New Delhi, the government is aiming to deliver passports in a quicker manner if all the relevant documents are submitted. In this context, the Ministry of External Affairs directed some guidelines to issue the passport to the first-time applicants which facilitate them to get their passport in three days. For this, all they need to do is to submit the essential documents in addition to the submission of Aadhaar card, Election Photo identity card, Permanent Account Number (PAN).

There is no additional fee to these services. However, online validation of Aadhar Card number and the PAN card are necessary to avail the faster issuance of passport services. In addition, the users are allowed a flexibility of choosing their appointment at their chosen Passport Seva Kendra centres in five available days based on their convenience, as opposed to the previous procedure in which the applicant was forced to take the next available appointment irrespective of their convenience.

The Ministry of External Affairs has developed an ‘mPassport Police App‘ for speedy submission of the police verification report. Under this process, police verification may be done after issuance of passports to the individual. Soon, this new procedure will be implemented in Tamil Nadu, which is ranked fourth in the country in 2015 in issuing passports to the applicants. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala occupied first three positions. India is issuing passports to 1.20 crore people and is currently ranked third place in the world.

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