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New Rajdhani coaches unveiled

New Rajdhani coaches unveiled

In order to attract more travellers in the trains, Indian Railways came up with several measures. Improving safety measures, actions to improve catering services and other facilities are some of them.

In this scenario, Indian Railways unveiled new and improved Rajdhani coaches. These have several excellent features including ‘auto janitor’ system in toilets, LED lighting etc. These new coaches are called ‘Swarna’ coaches of the Rajdhani Express which were unveiled by the Railways yesterday at the New Delhi Railway Station.

Railways wants to renovate old and damaged coaches for all trains and constantly strive to improve the facilities to its customers. These coaches are part of its constant effort. These are premium trains and the initiative is taken to provide better services to the passengers of Rajdhani Express trains.

Initially these coaches have been provided in the Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani. For this, Railways spent over ₹ 35 lakhs.

Interiors of the coaches are painted to an aesthetic international colour scheme and LED lighting is provided for better illumination.

In addition to these features, these coaches have stainless steel washbasins, faucets, better quality dustbins and improved soap dispensers. Night signage has been provided in the train coaches to identify the berths easily.

Now the passengers of upper berths who travel in these trains need not worry as there are built-in ladders for First AC passengers. CCTV cameras are installed in doorway areas and aisles so that any suspicious activity can be monitored with data storage.

The train has newly-designed bags with extra pockets for mobiles and LED lighting over mirrors. Toilet doors have vinyl wrapping for improved aesthetics and toilets have epoxy coating with polished commodes and basins. There is a provision of extra mats in toilets.

These facilities would be provided in three trains: Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani, Sealdah-New Delhi Rajdhani and the Howrah-Ranchi Shatabdi Express.

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