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Kejriwal to supply 10 lakh litres water to Latur

Kejriwal to supply 10 lakh litres water to Latur

The Centre has sent a special train with nearly five lakh liters of water to Latur district in Maharashtra. As soon as that happened, Delhi Chief Minister Arvin Kejriwal has proposed to supply another 10 lakh liters of water every day for the next two months for regions which are dry.

The Delhi Chief Minister has written to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciating the move to send five lakh liters of water to Latur which is suffering with drought. In the letter, he also offered to supply 10 lakh liters of water every day for two months if the Centre agrees to it.

Kejriwal has shared his letter to PM on Twitter. He wrote on twitter that if the central government can make arrangements to send water to Latur, then the Delhi government is ready to make this kind of water available immediately.

Furthermore, the CM of Delhi has also asked residents of Delhi to come forward and provide aid for Maharashtra which is suffering with a water crisis. The announcement by Kejriwal has been supported by Delhi’s Water Minister Kapil Mishra. Mishra tweeted that the Delhi Jal Board is ready for the move to save water and send it to people of Latur.

Kejriwal has admitted that Delhi itself has a rather tight situation when it comes to water. However, he said that the 12 lakh residents of Latur are struggling to get drinking water. He said that it is the responsibility of every citizen to offer help.

The Delhi Jal Board supported this move by saying that around 340 crore liters of water is pumped in Delhi every day and that taking 10 liters from it for two months won’t cause any real problem . The residents in Marathwada region of Latur have already received 5 lakh liters of water through a special train. That is the region going through the worst of the drought.

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