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Witness the Transformation of a drought prone area

Witness the Transformation of a drought prone area

Mann Taluka, an area in western Maharashtra declared as ‘drought prone’ by the government now has cheerful farmers. A year ago, farming here is a real struggle. Many farmers had to do other types of work in order to make ends meet in their households. The rest of western Maharashtra was otherwise prosperous which made the difference between other areas and Mann very clear.

The unprecedented drought in 2013 pushed everyone to their limits. The locals were forced to get rid of their cows and buffaloes. Many people could not even quench their own thirst, so quenching the thirst of their animals was almost impossible for them. Mangal Sawant, a farmer in Pulkoti village stated that there was very little water available for them and they could not feed their cows.

Today, her five acre land earns Rs 2 lakh per year. She owns three cows, two buffaloes and a few sheep. The transformation of the village was because Chetna Gala Sinha and Vijay Sinha, the fonder couple of Mann Deshi Foundation. Consulting some hydrologists and geologists, they installed five percolation tanks which worked as reservoirs. By the end of 2014, eight crore liters of water was stored in these reservoirs.

Due to this change new hope came into the lives of these farmers as they managed to fight their droughts a lot.

Photo by Srikanth D on Unsplash (Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/ReUUh61x1qQ

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