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IRCTC to compensate Tejas Express passengers

IRCTC to compensate Tejas Express passengers

Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express, the second private train of IRCTC was launched last Sunday.

As per the agreement, the passengers of this premium train will get compensation starting from ₹100 in the event of its delay.

But unexpectedly, the train was delayed and the IRCTC had to pay compensation to passengers of Tejas Express.

The train departed two minutes late from Ahmedabad. However, it arrived at Mumbai Central at a late of more than an hour.

As per the agreed terms, every passenger gets a compensation of ₹100 from IRCTC for a delay of an hour. If the delay is more than two hours, each passenger will get ₹250.

Luckily, the delay was not beyond two hours. Hence, IRCTC will have to pay ₹100 to nearly 630 passengers onboard.

The total number of passengers was 849. However, only 630 passengers travelled up to Mumbai Central. Hence, only these passengers will get compensated.

The delay was caused due to a technical problem between Bhayander and Dahisar stations on the outskirts of Mumbai. There were some power problems due to which these trains got stuck until it was restored.

Not just Tejas Express, but some suburban and outstation trains were also held up due to this.

Irrespective of the reason for the delay, the IRCTC will have to pay around ₹63,000 to the passengers.

As per IRCTC officials, passengers will have to apply to Railways as per their refund policy. They will be refunded after the verification process.

Passengers can also claim the compensation by calling 18002665844 or send an email to

To get compensation, they will have to provide PNR details and Certificate of Insurance (COI) number along with a cancelled cheque. The delay troubled several passengers.

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