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India’s first CNG powered train

cng powered train

The railway minister Suresh Prabhu has given the green signal for India’s first ever CNG powered train.

At present, Indian trains use diesel and electricity. However, this is a step towards greener railways. Usage of natural gases also helps in cutting down costs because of the high prices of both diesel and electricity.

The CNG train will emit much less toxic, carcinogenic pollutants and no particulate matter at all. These trains also cut down on carbon monoxide by 90 percent, carbon dioxide by 25 percent, and nitrogen oxide by 35 percent and non-methane hydrocarbon emissions by 50 percent. Using CNG will also reduce the operating costs by 50 percent.

The route for this train will be the Rewari-Rohtak section in the northern zone of railways. The train is scheduled to go every day except Sunday. It will have six coaches and a capacity to carry 770 passengers.

The train was manufactured by Chennai based integral coach factory (ICF). The launch of this train will mark the first taken by railways towards alternative fuels and energy saving.

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