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Why Indian roads are risky

Why Indian roads are risky

Have you ever thought that Indian roads are dangerous and risky for vehicle drivers? Do you believe that apart from bad driving, there are certain other reasons why vehicle driving is becoming difficult on Indian roads?

Normally, many Indians think that bad driving is the sole reason for accidents. Though it may be true, there are certain things which are taking the lives of many innocent people.

These reasons include lack of road signage, road marking and footpath availability. And even if there are footpaths, they have been encroached by hawkers or vendors or used for parking in front of shops.

A field audit that had been carried out for the Supreme Court Committee on road safety has revealed many facts.

The survey was done by IIT-Delhi, DIMTS and The Energy and Resources Institute for the audit of the Supreme Court in 32 cities across eight states.

These states are Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

The regions were chosen because 50 percent of total people were killed in road accidents in these areas.

Nearly half of the cities do not have road signage as per the prescribed standards of Indian Roads Congress. Even the road markings are not up to the standard.

However, as per experts’ opinion, just placing road signage and marking is not enough if they do not link to the legal framework.

They are showing the instance of placing zebra crossings at traffic signals in cities.

In two thirds of cities or urban areas, more than 70 percent of footpaths have been encroached; hence walking becomes difficult in these areas.

Rajkot remained in the worst cities category for road signage, road marking and footpath encroachment.

The best cities are Rohtak, Kozhikode, Pune and Kochi in road signage, road marking, footpath availability and footpath encroached respectively. Patiala stood in the best cities category for all these except for footpath availability.

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