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Indian Railways to resume providing blankets

Indian Railways to resume providing blankets

Due to the pandemic, Indian Railways suspended many of its services like providing food, blankets etc., inside trains.

As COVID-19 cases are receding in the country, Railways is resuming its services one by one. Railways yesterday issued orders to resume the service of providing blankets, linen and curtains inside trains.

Before COVID-19, Railways used to supply the linen in a sealed cover. The linen includes pillows, bedsheets, towels etc.

The order has been issued to general managers of all railway zones. It instructed them in the order to supply curtains, blankets and linen to train passengers. The Railway Board says that the order will come into effect immediately.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, Railways decided to stop providing blankets and curtains in air-conditioned coaches of all trains in the past. The decision was announced in May 2020. While announcing the decision, the Railways asked passengers to bring their own blankets during their journey.

At that time, passengers were also directed to keep the minimum temperature at 24-25 degrees Celsius in train coaches. It is for the control of the transmission of coronavirus at cold temperatures.

However, Railways offered blankets to those who need them. It also made arrangements to provide blankets to passengers on demand and kept some bedsheets.

Railways suspended not only supplying linen and curtains but also many other services. These include providing cooked food and giving concessions on tickets.

Railways resumed supplying cooked food service in all trains from February 14, 2022. It resumed the catering services in a phased manner.

Notably, Railways suspended catering services in March 2020 due to COVID-19. Later, it started supplying ready-to-eat meals in trains after the decline of COVID-19 cases in August 2020. In this way, Railways is resuming its suspended services gradually.

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