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India sixth in America’s world powers list

India ranks sixth in America’s foreign policy magazine

The American Foreign policy magazine gave a list of eight great powers of the year 2017. In the list, India ranked at the sixth spot behind China and Japan.

US topped in the list with China and Japan having a tie for the second spot.

Russia stood at fourth and Germany stood fifth ahead of India.

After India came Iran at seventh and Israel is at the eighth rank.

The American Interest magazine talked about India saying that it is often overlooked in the lists of world’s great powers along with Japan.

The magazine further stated that India has a unique positing in the world stage.

The article was published in the magazine with a lot of eight great powers in the latest annual report of it.

The magazine said that India is the world’s largest democracy and is home to the second-largest English-speaking population in the world.

The economy of India is diverse and growing rapidly it said.

India has a lot of potential when it comes to making ties with other countries, the article said.

China, Japan and the United States are all seeking to incorporate India into their preferred Asian security architecture it adds.

It further said that the EU and Russia are also forming important trade and defense agreements.

The magazine also praised the leadership of Narendra Modi saying that under his leadership the country grew more powerful and is competing well with others.

India has modernized economic reforms it said.

India’s move with China was also praised. After being hesitant for a long time to pick sides, India sternly took steps to stop a rising and aggressive China it says.

India fast-tracking defense infrastructure projects in the Indian Ocean was also praised.

Modi’s deals with about new naval cooperation with the US, Japan and other countries to modernize Indian military helped the country says the article.

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