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Indian Ocean Rock Band

Gone are the days when rock bands are limited to just western countries. Meet the Indian Ocean, an Indian rock band that started in New Delhi, 1990. Their music comes under the genre of fusion rock which is a mix of Indian music with rock. Their music can be best described as modern music of India.

They created a fusion between Indian and rock music with some jazz rhythms. They integrate themes like shlokas, Sufism, environmentalism, mythology, and revolution into their music.

The Indian Ocean is one of the few bands in the country, that are politically aware of their songs.

The band started to form in the 1980s. Asheem Chakravarty who played the tabla for Niharika (A Bengali band) was met by Susmit Sen in the year 1984. They shared common interests in forming a new sound and music.

In 1990, they came up with a demo recording for their band. Shaleen Sharma was their drummer, and Indrajit Dutta and Anirban Roy were their bassists. They recorded a demo of 45 minutes with 7 songs. These songs impressed the HMV enough to offer them an album deal.

They released their first album ‘Indian Ocean’ in 1993.

Since then they released six more albums: Desert Rain (1997), Kandisa (2000), Jhini(2004), Black Friday (2005), 16/330 Khajoor Road (2010), and Tandanu (2014). They have also given music for several movies including the movie Black Friday.

They are continuing to impress their audience with several tours.

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