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India at 87th place in gender gap

India at 87th place in gender gap

In the Global Gender equality index, India was placed at a low rank of 87. India is in such a low place even though there was a jump of 21 places from last year. The jump occurred due to the improvement in education sector. The list was topped by Iceland.

In the annual Global Gender Gap index compiled by Geneva-based World Economic Forum India is in a very low place of 108th rank.

Since last year, India managed to reduce gender gap by 2 percent. At present it stands at 68 per cent across the four pillars that WEF measures. They are: economy, education, health and political representation.

According the WEF, the improvement in India happened mainly because of the education. It has been the sector that saw the most improvement since last year. WEF said that India managed to close the gap in primary and secondary education almost completely. It added that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done in the economy sector. India ranked at 136 out of 144 countries in terms of economy.

In terms of educational attainment, India is ranked at 113th place. India is one of the lowest ranked countries in terms of health and in survival it is ranked at 142. However, in terms of political empowerment, India is in top 10.

As per the report of WEF on Global Gender Gap, India’s prospects of global workplace gender parity reduced.

Continuing their trend, the tops four nations are Scandinavian. They are Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Rwanda is next in position after moving one place ahead of Ireland to 5th position.

In 2015, the Global Gender Gap Report data gave projections that in order to close the economic gap in India, it would take until 2133. According to the latest report, the number increased to 2186.

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