India's rank in Global Innovation Index Report

India in 81st place in Global Innovation Index Report

India in 81st place in Global Innovation Index Report

India occupied 81st place in the GII (Global Innovation Index) report 2015, which was a decline compared to previous year. Observing the rank of India from the past 4 years, it is as follows: India ranked at 62nd place in 2011 and 64th in 2012. In 2013, India stood in 66th place, whereas it was positioned in 76th place in 2014.

This shows the constant decline in the GII rank of India over the years. Yet, an appealing rank is maintained by the country in Central and South Asian region.

Switzerland topped the list followed by United Kingdom which stood in number two position. Sweden was ranked the third. USA positioned in fifth place.

No other Asian country except Singapore positioned in top 10.

The GII report is jointly published by Cornell University, the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and INSEAD.

Each county’s innovative capabilities are measured using 79 indicators and the results are computed accordingly.

The innovation quality of a country is measured based on university performance, scholarly articles’ reach and the international element of patent applications. This is the reason why many European countries including the UK, and the US topped in the list as they have plenty of topnotch universities. Compared to other countries, the innovation quality of China, Brazil and India is ahead and they are outperforming many other countries.

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