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Himmat App launched by Delhi Police

Himmat app

Delhi police launched Himmat App for the safety of women especially for the employed who travel alone at nights. The Android mobile app enables the users to call police control room in emergency by shaking the phone or pressing the power button twice. The app is free which can be downloaded from the website of Delhi Police or from the Google Play Store.

Users must register with the website of Delhi Police to use the app by furnishing their details like name, residential address and up to five emergency contact numbers in addition to their photo ID. They get a registration key (OTP) after their successful registration which is to be entered in the mobile app so that their application configuration will be completed. When the user raises the SOS alert from the app, the information about the location and audio-video is sent to police control room which can be immediately conveyed to the nearest police station to protect the victim.

The Himmat app also features with SMS alert which can be sent to at least five friends or relative of the users. The app will record a 30 second audio and video and transmit to the police control room so that the victims can get call back from the police. However, false SOS alerts will lead to cancellation of registration if it used for three times as wrong. Such users have to register again to get the facility by reporting in an email.

Image Credit:- Pulakit Singh / CC BY-SA

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Delhi_Police_car_All_Women_PCR_vehicle_Innova.jpg

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