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HC refuses to put stay on Delhi’s new vehicle rule

HC refuses to put stay on Delhi’s new vehicle rule

Due to heavy air pollution in Delhi, AAP government has proposed various methods to combat it. Restriction of private vehicles to enter the city based on their odd-even number plates is one among them. Earlier in this week, the government stated that it is working on this scheme and the final decision will be announced by December 25.

At first, Delhi government stated that vehicles with their odd-even number plates should enter the city on alternate days. Later, it was modified that odd number vehicles should enter on odd number dates like 1, 3, 5, so on, and even number vehicles should enter on even dates likes 2, 4, 6, so on. It is also decided that the restriction will be applied between 8 am to 8 pm starting from January 1, 2016. The government initially wants to test for a trial period of 15 days. However, Sundays are exempted and all vehicles are allowed on that day.

While the government is working on the modalities and possibilities of implementing vehicle rule, a PIL was filed in the Delhi High Court by Ms. Kapoor. She contended that Delhi government had taken this decision of restricting the private vehicles in the city without public debate and consideration of common people’s views. She sought a restraint on the Delhi government from imposing the rule. She also requested for public debate on this issue since there is no proper infrastructure for the public to travel in the city. She also added that security is a major concern especially for women.

But, Delhi High Court refused to pass an interim order to put a stay on government’s decision as the decision was just a proposal and has not been implemented. The Bench advised the petitioner to come after two weeks. The case was forwarded to further hearing on December 23.

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