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Car Free Day reduces air pollution in Delhi

Car Free Day reduces air pollution in Delhi

Now, it is a time to rethink to travel in a car especially when you are travelling alone as cars are the main culprits for air pollution. It is better not to use cars whenever it is possible. As per the report released by the CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) on Thursday, the Car Free Day reduced the air pollution by 60 percent in Delhi. The first Car Free Day is the initiation taken on Dussehra in the national capital. It not only reduced the air pollution levels but also the toxic exposure and the traffic in the City.

CSE reported that the air particulate matter (PM 2.5) is 689 micrograms per cubic metre on the normal days whereas it was just 265 micrograms per cubic metre on the Car Free Day. PM 2.5 indicates the level of air pollution. When its levels are high in the air pollution, it is an alarming fact towards the health of people. The air appears to be hazy when its levels are higher in the air.

The Delhi Pollution Control Committee also agreed with the report of the CSE and stated that the pollution level was reduced by 45 percent due to Car Free Day. The reports strengthen the arguments of several people that the growing number of cars led to air pollution and the probable steps to be taken to reduce the pollution in future. The exposure to air pollution was measured by the CSE on both days i.e. on the normal day and the Car Free Day.

The Car Free Day was led by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal by a cycle rally in the morning, and it was observed on the stretch between Red Fort and India Gate. He asked people to share the impact of this event on social media and the steps to reduce the traffic. He assured public on Twitter that he will work on improving the public transport system for a consistent and relaxed travel and improved road designs.

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