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Guidelines for special Shramik Special Trains

Guidelines for special Shramik Special Trains

While the Centre approved to ferry back stranded migrant workers to their home states, the state governments are making arrangements for it. These workers would reach their home places with the help of Indian Railways and Shramik Special trains are arranged for them.

Here are the guidelines to travel in these Shramik Special trains:

  • The occupancy of a train should be at least 90 per cent. The originating state shall have to plan the group of workers that travel in these trains.
  • As per the number of travellers in a train indicated by the originating state, Railways shall print the train tickets to the arriving destination. These tickets will be handed over to the authorities of the local state governments.
  • These authorities shall collect ticket fare and submit total fare amount to the Railways.
  • The originating state must make sure that only identified passengers enter the premises and journey in the trains with a valid train ticket for their journey.
  • Shramik Specials are non-stop trains and stop only at the arriving destination. Each Shramik Special train will operate for a distance of more than 500 km.
  • Each train will carry around 1,200 passengers by following social distancing leaving the middle berth vacant.
  • The state government should issue food packets and drinking water to passengers at the originating stations.
  • If the journey is over 12 hours, one meal is provided by the Railways.
  • Passengers are encouraged to download the Aarogya Setu App and face masks or covers are compulsory for the passengers.
  • On reaching the destination, state government authorities will receive the passengers and make all arrangements for their screening and quarantine. Further travel will be arranged if needed.
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