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Government to remove minimal educational qualification to driving license

Government to remove minimal educational qualification to driving license

So far the minimum educational qualification to get a driving license is a pass in class 8 as per Rule 8 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989.

But, yesterday the road transport ministry decided to remove the minimum educational qualification to increase employment opportunities.

This move would benefit nearly 22 lakh as per the officials.

There are many people especially in rural areas who do not have a formal education even though they are skilled and literate otherwise.

Hence, the government decided to amend the formal education rule for the benefit of these people in the country.

Earlier, the Haryana government requested to waive the educational qualification condition for the drivers of the Mewat region. Here, the majority of people mainly depended on driving for their livelihood.

This rule hinders rural youth to obtain employment in the driving field.

The Haryana government also stated that despite having other skills, these people are not getting a driving license due to the minimum educational qualification condition.

Hence, the central government decided to remove this condition. A statement has been issued on this.

However, the training and skill testing to meet the road safety will not be comprised in any manner, says the statement.

The statement also adds that this move would help meet the shortage of around 22 lakh drivers in the transport and logistics sector.

Everyone that applies for a driving license will have to pass a stringent skill test mandatorily.

The ministry also stressed that training imparted by a school or any other establishment as specified in the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 should make sure the drivers meet the safety standards.

These include reading of signs, maintaining driver logs, submitting pre-trip and post-trip records, checking of trucks and trailers etc.

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