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Government to provide All-India tourist permit online

Government to provide All-India tourist permit online

To promote tourism, the government has decided to provide an All-India tourist permit through online mode from April 1, 2021.

The government yesterday announced a new scheme and rules for this. These rules will be applicable from April 1.

Under the new rules, a tourist vehicle operator needs to apply for an All-India Tourist Authorization or Permit through online mode. They have to submit relevant documents along with prescribed fees. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways will issue a permit after checking the documents within 30 days.

The new rules will come into force from April 1. However, existing permits shall remain in force until their validity.

The government said that these new rules would promote tourism across the states and improve their revenue.

The Ministry released a statement in this regard. The statement said that the new rules enable the flexibility of permit rules. These rules grant authorization or permit for three months or its multiples. The maximum permitted period is three years.

The move is likely to help many vehicle operators who have limited financial capacity due to its ease and flexibility. It will also help the tourist areas that have a limited season for tourism.

The Ministry added that there would be a central database to consolidate the scheme. It will also provide details like fees for all authorization and permits, the scope for development and growth of tourism in the country and the movements of tourists.

The tourism sector in the country has been increasing for the last fifteen years. Though COVID-19 affected to some extent, it is growing again. The growth was seen in both domestic and international tourism. Hence, the government proposed new rules aiming to promote tourism across various regions of the country.

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