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Government to replace toll plazas with GPS-based system

Government to replace toll plazas with GPS-based system

The central government is mulling replacing existing toll collection plazas with a GPS-based system soon. The Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari recently said that the government to working to introduce new technologies like a GPS-based system to reduce traffic congestion.

Currently, toll tax is collected through FASTags. Vehicles with FASTags can move faster at toll plazas as toll payments are collected automatically through RFID technology.

Vehicles that do not have FASTags can make cash payments, but they have to pay twice the amount that is collected through FASTags.

Now, the government has decided to introduce a new GPS-based system. The new system will be introduced gradually.

Gadkari said that the existing toll plazas would be replaced with the GPS-based system within six months. The government is conducting a pilot project to recognize the number plate automatically.

There will be automatic number plate reader cameras to recognize the number plate of the vehicle. Thus, toll fees will be collected automatically, and vehicles need not stop at toll plazas.

He also said the new system would reduce the traffic congestion at toll plazas. In addition, it will be beneficial for vehicle owners as they will be charged for the exact distance travelled on the highways.

Gadkari added that before the introduction of FASTags in the country, the vehicles had to wait around 8 minutes at the toll plaza. But now, the waiting time has been reduced to 47 seconds.

With the proposed new system, vehicles need not stop their vehicle at the toll plaza. So it will further ease the process.

He said that at toll plazas, especially near cities, vehicles have to wait for a long time, particularly during peak hours. So, the Ministry is working to address the issue.

The toll revenue is ₹40,000 crores at present. As per the government’s estimate, it will increase to ₹1.4 lakh crores in the next two years.

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