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Facts about Railways’ new technology

Facts about Railways’ new technology

In a move to improve its occupancy, Indian Railways decided to use new technology. The new technology will help Railways add more than four lakh seats for reserved travel on a daily basis.

The process would be completed by October.

With this new technology, Railways does not need a separate generator box for lights and for air conditioning in the coaches.

Here are the facts about the new technology of Railways:

  • Each train has up to two generator bogies at present due to Halfmann Bush (LHB) compartment linking. These diesel generators supply the electricity to the coaches. The technology is known as ‘And On Generation’ (EOG) Technology.
  • Railways wants to switch to use of HOG technology. This technology is popular worldwide. It helps the coaches of the train by providing electricity from the electric wiring of the train.
  • Nearly 500 coaches will be operating with HOG technology from October. This move helps railways stop the use of generators. And the cost will be used to add extra compartments.
  • In addition to that, ₹6,000 crore will be saved on fuel to the railways annually. With the current system, one non-air conditioned compartment needs 120 units of electricity per hour to supply electricity.
  • The generator needs 40 litres of diesel per hour to generate more power. In case of an air-conditioned compartment, the consumption increases up to 65-70 litres of diesel per hour. All this costs heavily on railways.
  • But, the new technology saves fuel cost. It is environment-friendly as it does not create air or sound pollution.
  • It also helps reduce carbon emissions by 700 tonnes every year.
  • Only one generator would be required for trains like Shatabdi after the utilization of the HOG technology.
  • The railways can add nearly four lakh berths daily due to the saving in the cost by using the new technology. Thus, it helps improve its revenues.

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