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Indian railways starts world’s largest recruitment drive

Indian railways starts world’s largest recruitment drive

This month, the Indian Railways announced a total of 26,502 vacancies for assistant loco pilots and technicians.

According to the 7th CPC Pay Matrix, these vacancies have a Level 02 salary, which means that they have an initial pay of ₹19,900 plus their allowances.

A few days after this first announcement, the Indian Railways also invited applications to fill another 90,000 vacancies for several lower-level posts.

There are profiles available for carpenters, blacksmiths, and other various technicians in the Group C Level I and Level II categories.

Thus, this leaves an incredible amount of vacancies that unemployed people can apply for.

Many of the vacancies in the Indian Railways pertain to categories that are related to safety.

Last year, there was a series of several fatal derailments, so the Railways is putting more focus on safety measures.

Also, opposers are giving criticism that the NDA has not created enough jobs for people who need them.

Therefore, the Indian Railways have begun the world’s largest recruitment drive, with the massive number of vacancies that they need to fill.

There are spots open for welders, cabinmen, technicians, loco pilots, gangmen, switchmen, porters, trackmen, and many other positions.

Although the Railways is hiring thousands of lower-level workers, they are cutting their board in half.

They are doing this to that they can make the “top-heavy” department the “right size”.

In order to give more chances to unemployed youths, the Railways has lessened their requirements that workers need to fill in order to be hired as an Indian Railways worker.

Before, people had to have an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) certificate or an equivalent certificate in order to be hired.

Now, people only need to have completed Class 10 in order to be eligible to work for the Indian Railways.

With all of these vacancies opening up spots for new workers, the Indian Railways is hoping to use this opportunity to make the railways a safer and better place to travel.

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