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Domestic air flyers allowed to carry only one handbag

Domestic air flyers allowed to carry only one handbag

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) issued guidelines on cabin luggage in flights. As per these guidelines, domestic airline passengers are allowed to carry only one handbag as cabin luggage.

The CSIF asked the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to allow only one hand baggage in the cabin of the aircraft as per the guidelines. It cited many instances where passengers carry more than one hand baggage, and some even carry up to three bags.

The CISF noted that carrying more than one handbag to the screening point leads to increased clearance time and causes inconvenience to passengers. It also leads to congestion in the pre-embarkation security check (PESC) point.

No passenger should be allowed to carry more than one handbag except for certain items in the list, according to BCAS AVSCEC circular Nos. 06/2000 and 11/2000. But, many passengers are carrying more than one bag.

In this context, CISF asked BCAS to make sure the enforcement of the circular by all airlines. It also asked the BCAS to guide all airlines in this direction so that they can depute personnel for the proper implementation of the rule. It facilitates them to check the handbag status of their passengers before allowing them for the pre-embarkation check to ease congestion there.

All airlines must print/display one handbag rule on their tickets and boarding passes clearly for the information of passengers.

Besides, they have to place hoardings and banners about the rule at various places like check-in counters at the airports.

As per the one handbag rule, only one cabin baggage is allowed in addition to one personal item of the following: A lady’s handbag, a rug, an overcoat, a camera or binoculars, a walking stick, folding type umbrella, a laptop, medicines like asthma inhaler etc. If travelling with a child, feeding bottle or the child’s food and carrying basket are allowed. A collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches or braces are allowed for physically challenged people.

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