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Delhiites can buy liquor in tetra packs soon

Delhiites can buy liquor in tetra packs soon

Liquor is sold in glass or plastic bottles. But, soon, Delhiites will be able to buy liquor in tetra packs. Liquor is sold in tetra packs in some states. However, it will be the first time in Delhi to sell liquor in tetra packs.

Around 700 brands were registered as part of the new excise policy of the Delhi government to sell liquor in tetra packs. But, the excise department has approved two brands initially to sell liquor in tetra packs. The pack will consist of 180ml of liquor.

Tetra packs are cheaper and help control adulteration. Out of 700 brands, more than half, i.e. 400, is whiskey and wine.

Delhi government launched a new excise policy in November 2021 to enable liquor vendors to sell their products at competitive prices. As part of this policy, the Delhi government capped the maximum price for liquor brands. The liquor vendors can set their prices below them but not go beyond the specified prices.

It allows the vendors to set the prices of their liquor brands lower than their competitors. In Delhi, the liquor business is completely operated by private players, and most of them are selling alcohol below the MRP. Thus, the new excise policy provides benefits to end customers. In the past excise regimen, the vendors couldn’t adopt a competitive pricing policy due to restrictions. But, now, many vendors are offering discounts on their brands to customers.

As per sources, Delhiites are getting liquor at a discounted price of up to 40%. Even big companies like Alco Mart and Nova Garments are also offering a discount of 35% on their brands.

Now, many brands in Delhi are available at cheaper prices than adjacent cities like Noida and Gurugram.  As per reports, there are 849 permitted shops in Delhi as of February 1, 2022.

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