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Delhi government schools to have CCTVs soon

Delhi government schools to have CCTVs soon

The Delhi government decided to install CCTV cameras soon in all government schools to share the live video footage with parents.

As per sources, the Public Works Department (PWD) executes the plan of installation of CCTVs in classrooms to provide a link to the parents of children. It helps them view the live video footage of their children.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) earlier announced the installation of CCTV cameras in government schools so that parents can get the live feed of the classrooms.

The government assigned this responsibility to the PWD. It includes the supply, installation and testing of CCTVs in government schools. Annual Maintenance of the Contract is also a part of the task.

The intention behind this move is to ensure the safety of students and transparency in the teaching system.

The parents will be given secured login credentials to view the live video footage of CCTVs. Individual IDs and passwords will be given to them. The details of students and mobile numbers will be updated in the software by the PWD.

All parents do not need to view the CCTV footage. Parents can decide whether or not to view the live video footage. However, those who want to view their child’s video footage will have to sign a consent form. They will get login credentials only after that.

The principal will compile a list of all students whose parents have signed the consent forms. They will send the list to the PWD. It will upload their details in the software after which login credentials will be generated.

The login details will be forwarded to the registered mobile number of a parent. Hence, officials say that parents should provide the correct mobile number.

As the process has already started, government schools in Delhi will have CCTVs soon.

All schools have been asked to provide the data of students and the parents who want to get live video footage of their children. Parents and guardians will be provided links as soon as the process has been completed.

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