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Delhi Government curbs on plying of private vehicles

Delhi Gov. Curbs on plying of private vehicles

In the wake of alarming air pollution levels in Delhi, AAP government has decided to several radical steps to combat it. Earlier, Delhi High Court compared living in Delhi to a “gas chamber”.

In the light of this situation, Delhi government conducted an emergency meeting and decided to restrict the private vehicles that bear even and odd registration numbers on alternate days with effect from January 1, 2016. This is applicable to all private vehicle that enter Delhi from various states. However, public vehicles are exempt from this rule. It is not applicable to CNG-driven buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws as well. Several other possible measures were also discussed in this meeting.

The government decided to shut down the Thermal power station in Badarpur. It is one of coal-based plants of the NTPC. The National Green Tribunal will be moved to close the Dadri power plant in the UP. It is proposed to perform massive plantation drive on arterial roads throughout the city from April 1, 2016 to control the spreading of dust on roads.

Delhi has more cars than any other metropolitan cities. Moreover, 1000 cars are added to the city each day on an average. The Air Quality Index in Delhi is very poor. The most polluted area in Delhi is five time more polluted than that of Beijing. The least polluted region in Delhi is 16 times more polluted than the least polluted spot of Beijing. Delhi’s least polluted region is almost 50% more polluted than the most polluted place of Beijing.

A web application will be launched through which citizens can report about the polluting vehicles in the national capital. The government was also considering to permit the trucks in the city only after 11 PM since they delay the total vehicular movement. All vehicles should have Euro VI standards for vehicular emission from 2017.

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