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Car free day in Delhi on October 22

Car free Delhi on October 22

In order to encourage people to use public transport more, the Delhi government has made a plan to observe October 22 as ‘Car Free Day’ on the road between Red Fort and India Gate. Transport Minister Gopal Raj stated it will be made sure that no car is allowed on the stretch by the department on that day.

The Delhi Government also decided to run a campaign to encourage people to use public transport more. The government is encouraging people not to use their cars once a month. In a conference on ‘Congestion and Pollution Free Delhi’, the Transport Minister made this announcement.

The government is planning to make sure that no cars will be allowed on the stretch and they are set to do their best to encourage people to use public transport on that day. The plan is to observe ‘Car Free day’ every 22nd of a month on different stretch of road until ultimately they will be able to observe ‘World Car free day’ all across Delhi on September 22 next year.

The minister stated VIPs will be permitted to go on this road on October 22; however, common people will have to use public transport on the stretch for just that day. The government is also running a campaign to increase awareness about Congestion and Pollution free Delhi. In order to make this plan successful, various departments like Pollution and Transport, Police, NCC, NGOs and Volunteers will be involved.

The government is spreading awareness about the pollution that is happening every day in Delhi and how citizens can help stop it. Common people are also being invited to give suggestions regarding the campaign by Transport department.

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