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COVID-19 kills more women than men in India

COVID-19 kills more women than men in India

The patterns of COVID-19 are still a puzzle for many researchers and scientists. The trends of recovery, death, and the victims of the virus, everything is not understood completely by the health experts.

More men are dying of the novel coronavirus in other countries across the globe. However, in India, the trend is quite the opposite.

Here, more women are dying of COVID-19 than men. A new study has revealed that women have a higher risk of death in India from the novel coronavirus disease than men.

The study published in the Journal of Global Health Science. It evaluated that the mortality rate in women is 3.3 per cent compared to 2.9 per cent in men.

The evaluation was made after analyzing the data till May 20. This study is completely opposite to that of the rest of the world where men have a higher risk of fatality.

The data is part of a continuous analysis from the academic research group Global Health 50/50. It analyzed that men are more likely to die from COVID-19 in every country than women.

The data was obtained from the government websites of 20 countries where the worst outbreak of COVID-19 was seen. Some of these countries include the USA, Italy, Spain, China, Germany, Iran etc.

As per this data, men are at least 50 per cent more likely to die of COVID-19 than women.

Even one of the neighbouring countries, Pakistan showed more male deaths than females from the novel coronavirus.

However, in India, it is completely contrary. Here, more women deaths are seen than men. The researchers used crowdsourced data to give a primary estimation for age and sex specific COVID-19 case fatality rate.

As per the study, even though the number of infected men is higher, the mortality rate is higher among women than men. The findings of the study are noteworthy to pay more attention to the treatment of women to reduce the mortality rate.

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