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Chhattisgarh waives VAT on card payment

Chhattisgarh waives VAT on card payment

In the event of central government’s demonetization, people are suffering with cash crunch. Though most of the people have money in their hands, they are unable to spend the notes they have in their hands as they are not legal except in some public institutions.

In this situation, people have to rely on debit or credit cards to meet their day-to-day expenses. However, this is not going as smooth as the government thinks. Most of the traders put certain limits under which they are not accepting cards. Several grocery stores are accepting card payment only on purchase of ₹500 or more. So, even if you need an item of ₹20, you need to buy for the remaining amount or else you have to pay with your cash.

Most consumers are not interested to use their cash due to its shortage. They think that if they spend it unnecessarily, they have to wait in long queues to get more. Hence, majority of customers are preferring card payments. But, some are charging extra amount of around 2 per cent on card payment.

In order to support the central government’s move, Chhattisgarh passed a motion to waive off VAT on card payment. With this move, it became the first state in India that supported the central government’s decision on demonetization.

Day-long discussion was held on the second day winter session in Legislative Assembly. Chief Minister Raman Singh moved the motion welcoming the bold move of central government and expressing the state’s commitment. They passed the motion to ease card payment and facilitate monetary transactions.

The CM stated that the decision of demonetization helps in controlling inflation and reducing prices of all sectors including real estate. He added that it is good for nation and only anti-national forces oppose it. He reminded the quotes of Dr BR Ambedkar who stated that currency should be demonetized every 10 years for the well-being of the country.

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