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Ambedkar: Bose ended British rule not Gandhi

Bose ended British rule not Gandhi

In February 1955, Babasaheb Ambedkar has stated to BBC the reason why the British has left India in 1947.

Furthermore, Attlee has agreed that toughest challenge faced by the British Empire was Netaji. Many intelligence and defence experts agree with this too.

Due to his service to the country and being remembered as one of the most famous freedom fighters, the people of India are still eager to know about the truth about Netaji even after 70 years after his disappearance.

Many declassified records and testimonies of those who had a ringside view regarding the events at the time of India’s freedom struggle prove that Netaji has made quite a big impact on the British Empire. For a man who has done so much for the country, it would be unfair not to know the information regarding how and where he actually died. It is a secret that deserves proper effort in revealing.

It seems that for political reasons, the Indian authorities might never acknowledge the great role of Netaji in pushing out the colonial British out of India and transfer power to our country in 1947. The main point is that there was not much of freedom fight during the Second World War. Bose saw the war as an opportunity and wanted the congress to serve an ultimatum on the British to leave India.

However, the party under Mahatma Gandhi did not do much to increase pressure on the British.

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