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Centre asks states not to violate MHA guidelines

Centre asks states not to violate MHA guidelines

While the lockdown is continuing till May 3 in India, some agricultural and other essential activities are allowed from April 20 as said by the central government.

State governments are permitted to allow certain activities according to the guidelines. In this context, some state governments have decided to allow several activities.

Rajasthan government decided to implement modified lockdown from April 20 to May 3. Economic activities will be initiated while ensuring that social distancing is maintained and following the guidelines of the central government.

It is said, Kerala government decided to allow opening of restaurants, public transport, MSME industries in municipal areas.

Kerala government has decided to lift the restrictions of lockdown in a staggered manner by dividing the state into four zones – Red, Orange A, Orange B and Green.

It announced the ease of lockdown restrictions in two zones which allow private vehicles and dine-in services at hotels.

Additional activities allowed by the government of Kerala include opening of barber shops, local workshops, book stores, and restaurants, and allowing bus travel in cities and towns.

But, the central government strongly objected it saying that this decision undermines lockdown guidelines.

The MHA wrote a letter on this saying that the Kerala government on April 17 has circulated revised guidelines for lockdown measures. As per this, many activities that are prohibited by the central government are allowed. They are also violations against the order of the Centre issued under the Disaster Management Act 2005.

In this context, the Centre asked all states not to violate MHA guidelines while allowing essential activities in their areas and strictly follow the directions issued by it.

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