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Wonderful Benefits of Wood Apple

Wonderful Benefits of Wood Apple

The celebrations of Vinayaka Chaturthi is associated with wood apple. Wood apple is also known as monkey fruit, curd fruit and elephant apple. It is widely used in decorations for this festival and is used as the offerings to Lord Vinayaka. According to Ayurveda, it is a treasure of multiple medicinal values. Here are some wonderful health benefits for wood apple.

Wood apple is consumed in different ways. The pulp of this fruit is taken as such by adding some salt or honey. It can be consumed in the form of juice too. It can be also consumed by adding some milk. Chutney, dal and raita (made with yogurt) are popular in Indian cuisine. Indonesians consume this fruit by adding palm jiggery. Jam and juice can be made with ripen fruits.

The pulp of wood apple is very beneficial for digestion. The juice of the fruit also has similar effect. It treats anemia. The juice taken with lukewarm water purifies the blood.

The juice made with the pulp of wood apple helps in controlling hiccups. It functions like a tonic to heart patients.

Regular consumption of wood apple helps in reduction of kidney problems.

Being rich in beta carotene wood apple is very good for eyes and liver.

Women, who consume wood apple regularly can alleviate the risk of breast and uterus cancers. Wood apple also controls the problems related to hormones.

Breast feeding mothers can enhance the production of milk by taking the pulp with dry ginger powder and jiggery. This also enhances the quality of semen in males. Wood apple is efficient in fighting against various disease causing bacteria. Oil made with this fruit is widely used in pulmonary related problems.

The mixture of wood apple pulp and honey reduces mouth ulcers, and controls dry mouth. It eliminates abdominal gas and improves energy. It refreshes and revives the body muscles and nerves.

Image Credit: Salim_Khandoker / CC BY-SA 3.0

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wood-apple_of_Bangladesh._Dhaka._(1).jpg

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