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Warning signs of Ovarian Cancer

Warning signs of Ovarian Cancer

Cancer, the name terrifies many people in recent days. Cancer normally does not show any warning symptoms in its early stages.

However, certain warning signs or symptoms are shown by your body with which you can be cautious. Cancer may spread in any part of the body except muscles.

Let us have a look at the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Having these symptoms does not mean that you are suffering from cancer, but take care when your body shows these symptoms as they may be a warning to you.

Here are certain warning signs of ovarian cancer.

  1. Don’t ignore persistent pain in your abdomen or pelvic region for two weeks or more. This pain is different from the pain normally you feel due to indigestion or the one you have during your periods. This is one of the most notable symptoms and a warning sign for ovarian cancer. Hence, in such cases, consult your physician immediately.
  2. Some women may have pain at the lower back region. Often you may be confused whether it started in the abdominal region or at the lower back. Don’t neglect it. Immediately visit the clinic.
  3. Sudden weight loss without any exercising or dieting is definitely a warning sign, and it is the time to consult a doctor.
  4. The urge to frequent urination is also another warning symptom. Though, it may be due to urinary tract infection, it is not good to overlook this symptom.
  5. Sudden loss of appetite may be a warning sign of cancer. This happens as cancer obstructs the normal body metabolism.
  6. Constant and frequent indigestion, heartburn, nausea etc. are warning signs of ovarian cancer.
  7. If you find your body become tiresome even after a minor work, or if you notice any unusual fatigue, immediately go to a doctor.
  8. In advanced stages of ovarian cancer, if tumour spreads and causes pressure on bladder, stomach and bowel, you will have constipation. So, beware of chronic constipation.
  9. Abdominal bloating, stomach pain, and even back pain becomes worse day by day when the tumour occupies the space inside. Hence, don’t neglect these signs.
  10. The thick vaginal bleeding in between the menstrual cycles is certainly a warning sign of ovarian cancer.

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