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The cancer from your home

The cancer from your home

A recent study has found that a huge number of commonly used chemicals, from insecticides to plastic additives to some common medications, have characteristics in them that could cause cancer. The study was held in a massive scale and involved 174 scientists from 28 different countries including India. They researched various chemical actions of these common chemicals. The study even adds that the combined effect of many of these chemicals can further increase the risk of cancers developing.

This is the primary study of its kind that investigated cancer inflicting pathways of common chemicals otherwise not identified to be cancerous, that is, cancer inflicting.

The researchers investigated eighty five chemicals and their impact on eleven essential options that outline cancer. Of them, fifty were found to own to be having dose impact on cancer inflicting features, known as ‘hallmarks of cancer’. Another thirteen had a threshold dose on the far side that they started having cancer generating effects. Put together, these dangerous chemicals created up nearly 3 quarters (74%) of the chemicals studied. The remaining twenty two chemicals weren’t found to own any identified effects.

Some common products include insecticides, fungicides, pesticides, additives to plastic, PVC and polycarbonate products like food containers and water bottles.

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