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Tips to prevent food wastage

Tips to prevent food wastage

There are many times in life where we have more food than needed. This makes it very hard to stop food wastage. There are situations when people tend to make huge meals even when their appetite is low. This also causes food wastage. Here are some tips to prevent food wastage.

Plan the meal

If you are going out to eat, then plan accordingly and don’t cook. If in case you have cooked something, put it in your freezer to eat it in the next day.

Use ripe and bruised fruits creatively

If you have ripe and bruised fruits, do not throw them away. You can make fruit jams and jellies with the ripe fruits. Fruit juices or milkshakes are also an option.

Stale Bread

If you have dry and hard bread, you can use it to make bread pudding. You can also use an oven to make them crispy and eat them with honey or jam.

Take care of vegetables

If you buy excess vegetables, don’t wait for them to rot and throw away. Keep them in a fridge. If your fridge is out of space, you can dry them in sun and preserve them.

Sour milk

If your milk turns sour, you can make cheese out of it. Add little vinegar or lemon in the milk and boil it.

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