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Surprising health benefits of lemon water

Surprising health benefits of lemon water

Lemon water is very beneficial to health. That’s why several people including celebrities prefer to drink lemon water in the morning.

Drinking a glass of lemon water shows a good impact on your overall health. Lemon water is made by mixing one or two spoons of lemon juice with a glass of water. You can add mint leaves or honey to add the flavor.

However, excessive consumption is not good especially for teeth as lemon contains citric acid. Also, if you have acidity problems, it is better not to consume lemon water as it may aggravate the symptoms of burning.

Here is a list of some surprising health benefits of lemon water:

  • As it is low in calories, it helps people lose weight. Lemon water also improves metabolism. If you drink lemon juice early in the morning, it would help you lose weight quickly.
  • Kidney stones are formed due to calcium oxalate. Lemon is rich in citrate which prevents the binding of calcium with other compounds and thus the formation of kidney stones.
  • Being rich in vitamin C, lemon water boosts immunity. It is also rich antioxidants and thus protects cells from free radicals.
  • If you drink warm lemon water, it improves your digestion. It also helps in cleansing the system. Working as a laxative, lemon water helps prevent constipation.
  • Lemon water improves oral health by fighting against the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also keeps your mouth fresh. It prevents dry mouth by enhancing saliva secretion.
  • It boosts potassium, one of the key electrolytes in the body. Thus, it aids energize the body. It also improves the function of skeletal muscles.
  • Lemon water improves the health of skin and hair. Regular consumption of lemon water reduces wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis and improves skin health. It also improves the absorption of iron which is essential for red blood cells. It also improves your hair growth.

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