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Cold lemon juice for better skin

Cold lemon juice for better skin

Do you know that lemon juice is very useful for skin?

Lemons and its acidic juice can help with several skin problems.

Many experts suggest the use of lemon juice for several skin problems..

Here are some variations of lemon juice you can use for skin benefits.

Cold lemon juice to destroy pimples

Cool lemon in a fridge and then squeeze its juice out. Use this juice to treat the affect area and wash it off after 10 minutes. This will help treat your acne.

Lemon juice and rose water

Rose water is useful in treating acne scars. Combining this lemon juice is one of the best ways to get fight off acne and its scars.

Lemon juice and glycerin

Apply glycerin on pimples of your skin. Wash it off after five minutes and then apply cold lemon juice and let it dry before washing off. This will get rid of your pimples.

Lemon juice and milk

Milk is helpful in smoothening your skin. Use cold lemon juice to massage your skin and then rinse your face with milk. This will bring softness to your skin and keeps it in good condition.

Lemon juice and aloe

Aloe Vera gel is very good for treating pimples. Use cold lemon water to massage your skin with pimples and then use Aloe Vera gel to effectively fight off pimples.

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