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Signs that reveal lack of adequate protein in the body

Signs that reveal lack of adequate protein in the body

Protein is one of the vital elements in the body. It not only helps build muscles but also helps in improving immunity. If you lack adequate protein in your body, you will have various health issues.

There are many reasons for deficiency of protein. Not taking adequate proteins is the one of the reasons for lack of enough protein in the body. Another reason is bad diet plans and crash diets to lose weight instantly which leads to losing reserves of proteins. Certain health conditions also lead to protein deficiency.

Whatever is the reason, certain sings indicate deficiency of protein in your body. If you have any of the symptoms, check your protein intake and solve the problem immediately. Otherwise it may lead to severe health problems.

Swelling feet and hands are warning signs that your body has a deficiency of protein. If there is a protein deficiency, fluids remain in the body as they are not able to be flushed out from the body and accumulation of fluid leads to swelling.

Weak muscles are the one of the indications of protein deficiency. Regular pain around joints and muscles may also be a sign of inadequate protein.

If you lack enough protein in your body, you may not take proper decisions due to confusion in brain.

Protein boosts immunity. If body lacks sufficient protein levels, immunity level decreases as a result your body is prone to many health problems including allergies. Even wounds and injuries are not healed and recovery will take more time.

Frequent cold may be another sign that indicates the deficiency of protein in the body. Fatigue, craving for sweets, frequent hunger feeling, lack of proper sleep and blood sugar fluctuations are some other signs of protein deficiency in the body.

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