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Signs that you are not healthy

Signs that you are not healthy

These days many people are ignoring small health problems they get. Due to their busy lifestyle, many people just take a pill for any small problem and continue their lives. However, it should be noted that small signs could be hinting at a big problems. They could be hinting at an oncoming serious illness. This is why it is important to keep a good watch over signals that the body is giving.

One of the biggest signs to keep watch over is gaining fat/weight. Being overweight can suggest at or lead to serious medical problems. Remember that eating too much is not just the only reason for being overweight. There are many reasons why it could happen.

Being obese can suggest problems like heart problems, hypothyroidism and diabetes. They also affect the quality of life by effecting a person’s breathing, mood, joints, sleep and levels of energy.

Another sign to look for is change in urine color. Urine should be transparent or pale yellow, however, if there is a different color like amber or red, then it can indicate problems as simple as dehydration or more serious health problems coming your way.

Notice if you are being fatigued all the time. Chronic fatigue is also a sign of many health problems. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. If even after you get enough sleep you find it hard to stay awake or alert, this could suggest that you have thyroid problems or heart issues. It can also hint at serious problems like cancer.

If you find that you get sick often, it can hint at several problems too. If your skin breaks out often and you catch a cold or flu often, then this could suggest that there is something wrong with your immune system. A weak immune system can cause you to catch many number of diseases. Visit a doctor immediately and seek help.

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