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Facts about Obesity you might not know

Facts about Obesity you might not know

These days, the obesity rates across the world have increased to frightening levels. Many people these days are eating food without considering the effects of overweight. Many people lack awareness when it comes to obesity or what causes it. Here are some facts about obesity you might not know of.

More obesity occurred in people who eat outside

According to a study, it was found that 78 percent of obese people are those who outside most of the time. Eating homemade meals is much healthier than eating outside.

The diet of father might affect baby’s health

According to studies, there is a good chance that the health of the baby will be affected by the diet of the father. This means that it is highly recommended to eat healthy before conception.

Lack of sleep can cause obesity

It has been proven that lack of proper sleep can cause obesity. The human body burns many calories during sleep, getting the proper amount of sleep is vital to prevent weight gain. You may end up gaining one or two pounds in a week if you have very less sleep that week.

People dying of obesity if higher than people dying of hunger

The statistics clearly show that the number of people who are dying in this world due to obesity is higher than the people who are dying due to lack of food.

Uneducated people in developed nations are obese

Most obese people in developed nations are so because of lack of awareness or education. However, the situation is opposite in developing nations. Here, the educated class is the one facing most of obesity related problems and the uneducated class is suffering with malnutrition.

A meal of burger, chips and a sugary drink needs a walk of 5 hours

That’s right! If you had a heavy meal with burger, chips and some sugar filled drink, then you need to walk for a stretch of 5 hours to burn those calories off.

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