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Healthy and yummy purees for babies

Healthy and yummy purees for babies

Once babies reach the age of 7 months, they would be needing solid food. Even with breast milk, babies would also need some solid foods. These foods should be rich in vitamins and nutrients. Purees are a very good starting food for babies. Here are some healthy purees you can feed your baby.

Apple puree

Apples are healthy and nutritious. Give your baby apple puree to give them good nutrition. Peel the apples and then slice it. You can boil the slices with water and then blend it after cooling. You can make it thinner by using water or milk.

Peach puree

Peaches are rich in beta carotene and potassium. They are very good for the health of babies. Cut the peach and then boil it to make a puree. You can also mix this puree with banana puree.

Banana puree

It is rich in potassium which is good for the first stages of a baby. Use a blender or a fork to smash the banana into a puree. Use milk or water for changing consistency.

Plum puree

Plums are rich in calcium, vitamins and fiber. This makes plum puree a very good choice for babies. You can make it by blending plum and adding water.

Blueberry puree and Avocado puree are also great choices as starters for babies.

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