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Signs of kidney failure

Signs of kidney failure

Kidneys are extremely vital organs. If they get affected, the entire body can get affected.

It is important to keep kidneys healthy by maintaining proper diet. You should also keep your body hydrated to keep your kidneys functioning well.

However, sometimes even after a lot of care, one might face kidney problems. In such cases, acting in early stages will help prevent danger.

There are certain signs that come from kidney failure. If you notice these signs, consult a doctor and take action immediately.

Back pain

If you are facing pain in your upper back region, it could be because of kidney failure. Many people get back pain when their kidneys are failing.


Since kidneys are responsible for the hormone Erythropoietin, if they start to fail, the hormone level goes down. The hormone is important for red blood cell production. So, as a result you feel fatigue due to lack of proper oxygen supply to your body.


When kidneys start to fail, waste and fluids can get accumulated in lungs. As a result you will have problems taking breath. If you notice breathlessness and shortness of breath, visit a doctor immediately.

Hands and legs swelling

If the kidney is not able to filter the fluids properly, the fluids can get accumulated in your body as well. This becomes clear from swollen hands and legs. Other parts of your body can also get swollen.

Urine problems

Due to kidney failures the body is not able to excrete urine properly. If your urine is dark, foamy or pale, it can be a sign of kidney failure.

Loss of appetite

If your body cannot excrete waste properly, you start losing appetite. Futhermore, you also feel a bad taste in your mouth. If you feel this way, consult a doctor immediately.

Dry skin

Kidney failure can also cause dry skin and itching. This is one of the signs your kidney is failing.

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